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Within Goldgenie’s vast collection of luxury customised  items, there are many beautiful Christmas Gift Ideas.  Last night our 24K Gold iPhone 6 was featured in Steve Noveillo’s FOX 4 News Dallas Holiday Gift Guide.

“Even the person on your list who has EVERYTHING does not have one of these” says Noviello as he introduces the shiny  gold phone in its cherry oak box to the camera.  The phone was aptly presented in the category “They Definitely Don’t Have This”.  Of course, Goldgenie’s collection of 24K Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum embellished iPhones is not called “Elite” without reason!  Indeed, combining craftsmanship, function and luxury, the iPhone 6 Elite Collection presents the perfect Christmas gift solutions for the people who have everything and once they have a luxury embellished smartphone, well then they really will have everything!

Watch Steve Noviello’s Holiday Gift Guide below: