A New Year is a like a blank page - fill it in now!

A New Year is a like a blank page – fill it in now!

We hope you had a wonderful time over the festive period and your new year has got off to a great start!  At the Goldgenie HQ, we have been making our new year’s resolution lists and this year we are going to do our best to stick to them!

Resolution No. 1 – STAY ORGANISED!

Did you have great plans last year that never happened?  Never enough time?  Well maybe the missing link in your plans was a PLAN! The best way to ensure this year’s wishes come true is to write them in a list  alongside the steps you need to take to take to make them happen and to make sure you take those steps, write them into your schedule!  Once you take a good look at your calendar, you will find that there IS time… almost a whole year of it ahead and the time to account for that is NOW! Luckily we have a few things in our workshop that will help us stick to our intentions and keep us organised and looking stylish.

Goldgenie tools to help:

The iPad combines the lightness and portability of a notebook with the innovations of modern technology.  If you are an Apple user, it syncs with your iPhone and your computer so no need to lose information on the go or worry about where you left it.  The new iPad Air 2 is even thinner and lighter than its predecessor while the iPad Mini 3 is packed with new innovations that work seamlessly with iOS 8.

24K Gold iPad and iPad mini

24K Gold iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini

Of course we can’t mention the iPad Air without the iPhone 6… With a larger display than earlier models, it makes work and information even more accessible on the go.  With dazzling array of Swarovski crystals, our customised Brilliance version will help to ensure you won’t lose sight of it!

Swarovski Brilliance 24K Gold iPhone 6 Elite

Swarovski Brilliance 24K Gold iPhone 6 Elite

Another smartphone which is sure to make organisation a lot easier is the new Blackberry Passport.  We love its modern square cutting edge shape, its responsive keyboard and wide high resolution display.  The phone’s Blachberry Hub feature allows you to manage all your conversations across email, text and social media in one place and with an inbuilt PA, there is no excuse for losing track in 2015!

24K Gold Blackberry Passport

24K Gold Blackberry Passport