Red 24K Gold Rose

So often we get caught up in what we want to get, what we want to achieve… where we are going… how we can get there and it is so easy to become blind to the situations where we should stop and think about others… This could be as simple as holding the door open for the person behind you as you walk into or out of a building or offering someone a seat on a train or it could be as grand as surprising your loved one with an extravagant gift.  It doesn’t matter how small or great the gesture is but as long as the intent to give is there whether it is in the form of time, energy, consideration or material goods, the effort in making someone’s day a little brighter will be rewarded with a joy that no gift to yourself could ever compete with. And the more you give, the more joy you will feel!

At Goldgenie, we will make sure to remember this as we strive to make the most of 2015.  Of course, at Goldgenie, we specialise in the art of giving so at least we will be reminded of this resolution every day as we regularly send gifts around the world.  One of our simplest and most popular gifts is a 24K Gold plated rose from our everlasting rose collection.  They are simple but enduring and it is rare to make a floral gesture that lasts forever.

Roses are a universal expression of love and friendship but a rose that never dies is surely an expression of an everlasting bond. Freshly picked and preserved in 24ct. Gold, Platinum or Resin & 24ct.Gold using advanced gold-plating techniques, a Goldgenie Rose will last forever….
The roses are available in 24ct. Gold, Platinum, Pink, Red and Purple and are presented in a Goldgenie gift box with a certificate of authenticity. The roses are presented in a Goldgenie gift box with a certificate and the platinum and 24ct. Gold versions may also be ordered with Goldgenie’s exclusive black piano box.

We wish you all a very rosy 2015!





24K Gold Rose Collection