We are so excited to present our 24K Gold rendition of the Blackberry Passport to the world. Blackberry’s latest release is very impressive, so impressive that we gave it our Gold stamp of approval.  Lined in beautiful 24K Gold, along its sharp edges, the phone really is the epitome of modern luxury.

 Surrounded by a sleek square metal frame, the large screen can display full desktop websites so web browsing isn’t compromised and reading is effortless without having to scroll. The device’s keyboard is also touch-enabled, allowing for both accuracy and intuitive responsiveness as you navigate your workflow.
Also, great convenience is offered by Blackberry Hub, which allows you to keep up with conversations across email, BBM, text messages and social media platforms in one place. The device is aptly named, as it is surely the perfect ticket to sail through both work and leisure at ease. And after Goldgenie’s

luxurious embellishment, the Passport holder will be a firm member of their Gold club and benefit from a lifetime guarantee on its customisation.

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